the best olives in Jaen (Andalucía)


rich in polyinsaturated fats


made with traditional old methods

Product specifications

SpainOlive is an all-natural blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Refined Sunflower Oil.  The enhanced flavor and aroma of SpainOlive makes it a delicious Mediterranean teast.

Healthy blend of extra virgin olive oil and refined sunflower oil representing key components of the Mediterranean Diet. This innovative blended oil provides the robust taste of extra virgin olive oil and the healthy components of the sunflower, making this the perfect all-purpose oil for everything from salads to frying


Spain is the main olive oil productive country in the world. The weather conditions are a key factor on the culture of the olive trees. In this sense we can say that the Mediterranean basin is on a privilege position, since the olive oil production is mostly centred in here.
The most industrialised countries within this basin have developed considerably their olive oil culture and production techniques, producing a noticeable increased on quantity and quality of this essential product of the Mediterranean diet.

Quality and Health

Our Oil is naturally low in saturated fats, has no cholesterol, and offers all of the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, including high monounsaturated fat content (the “good fats” that research has proven may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease) and lots of antioxidants that help protect against diseases

Scientists have shown that the Mediterranean Diet is beneficial to health and welfare of people. It contributes to the maintenance of sustainable agriculture and protect the environment.

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